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My Furry Friends

At the moment my resident furry friends are Lucky and Max.


Lucky is 5-6 years old (2012). I fostered her for Cats Protection for a while and then when my time as a fosterer came to an end I - unoriginally! - decided to keep her. She is a sweet little soul. A snuggly lap cat. Drinking from the bath tap is a favourite pass time...oh, and she likes to tease Max - just a little bit!

MAX (RIP January 2017)

In the rescue centre in Greece

Max may be 6 years old (2012) but his age is unknown. He was taken in as a stray into a rescue centre in Greece where he spent three and a half years waiting for a new home. He has a very deformed right front leg, with secondary changes in his left front leg, and no one came forward to give him a home. Hence Max spent a lot of time confined in a large cage with other dogs - who mostly kept being homed! The people at the rescue centre are wonderful and do the best they can on little funds and inadequate staffing.


Anyway, in September 2011, I collected him from Heathrow and what can I say - he is adorable! Makes me smile every day when I think of how his life has changed. A forever home with someone who adores him, regular exercise, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy - oh, and a cat who teases him but secretly loves him!

A few weeks later in his forever home...can't help but smile!

Max photo-bombed by his own tongue! (Oct 2013)

24th January 2017: it is with great sadness that today Max was put to sleep (euthanised) due to severe illness. RIP Maxy, love you always xx

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